CNR provides project management and consultancy services at infrastructure and superstructure construction projects. CNR's mission is to minimize the risk of his customers by providing professional consultancy and project management service at the construction projects in Turkey.

CNR follows market developments with care, management that is originally created for each project
system prevents work schedule delays, cost increases and quality deficiencies that are often encountered
in the construction industry.

Included in the projects from the design process, the attributes of the employers at the end of the project are determined according to the requirements and current standards.

CNR works in the planning stage with its expert staff and the information systems it uses and makes budget decisions to make investment decisions correctly.

CNR is working with qualified professionals who are certified by PMI.

Construction projects, despite complex structures, are successful if they are managed by a team that understands the requirements of the projects and project management plans that are built with appropriate methodologies.

In the context of consultancy services, CNR conducts tendering processes, administrative process follow-up, design management, technical consultancy and case studies in construction projects.

CNR serves at different areas of the construction industry;

  • Buildings
    • Health Campuses
    • Hospitals
    • Hotel Complexes
    • Malls
    • Housing Complexes
  • Infrastructure
    • Dams
    • Irrigation Systems
    • Sewerage Systems
    • Rail Systems
  • Energy
    • Hydroelectric Power Plants
    • Wind Power Plants
    • Natural Gas Pipelines
  • Industrial Plants
    and Factory