The risks involved in construction work include the processes that must be carefully monitored and controlled at the point where the finished goods are evaluated. Construction projects have the opportunity to complete within the scope of the specified quality and cost at the desired date, when managed with the necessary knowledge and successful proven management systems.


Accurate planning in construction projects reduces uncertainty, enables clearer objectives, and improves productivity. The planning works of the complex construction projects of the nature include temporal and labor estimates of the work items. The work program is a mixture of budget work. With CNR's construction professionals, CNR builds resource planning, resource balancing, creation of network diagrams, business breakdowns and interconnection to create critical lines. Work programs created throughout the project are updated, suggestions are provided to the employer to complete the work on time and budget.

CNR provides the highest level of attainment of the objectives set in the project management services and the employer satisfaction at the highest level with the management understanding applied by the expert staff and construction projects. CNR, who has proven its experience in superstructure and infrastructure construction projects, serves both at home and abroad.


The requirements are the basis of the projects. By evaluating the requirements and needs, it is possible for the facilities built at the end of the project to be in the desired specifications with the right scope management. CNR creates the project scope by assessing the demands of employers in the light of world standards, developing technologies and changing market conditions. Identification and documentation of the scope of the project, the identification of the objectives and the risk are carried out during this process.


In construction projects, budget means budgeting resources for the project. Investment decisions for the projects are made with the prepared budgets. The work programs of the projects are created, the allocation of resources, the work of the quantities and the price surveys result in the budget of the construction projects by the CNR team. CNR not only deals with the preparation of budgets, but also with the monitoring of budgets in the project process, creation of value and deviation analysis reports and cost control.


Quality management services consist of quality planning, quality assurance and quality control. As a result of the project, the quality of the facilities to be built will reach the level determined by the tests and controls to be made during the project. The quality management system aims at ensuring the requirements of the employer, suitability for use, on time, on budget and according to the specified technical specifications. CNR implements the quality management systems set out in the scope of the project management plan specifically created for each project. It reports to the employers that they do not want it, makes follow-up and ends with corrective action.


Effective procurement management should include demand, supplier appraisal, selection, contracting with the supplier, and management of the supplier. The management of the service provider by the project management, the evaluation of its performance, allows to evaluate the possibility of working with this service provider in the next project. Within the context of project management services, CNR provides services to procure the materials and services required by the project at the right time, with the right prices and contracts.


Risk management in construction projects is very important for reaching the planned product. CNR provides the services of setting up, monitoring and controlling the action plans in the case of identifying, evaluating and risking risks.


It is a necessity for the success of the project to make a sustainable claim management in the face of changing circumstances in construction projects. CNR follows current contract types in the world, knows the current technical specifications. Documentation, process and linking to the results are the duties handled by CNR.